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2 Euro piece Game

Form of organisation: Teams

Materials: coin

Description of the game:


For this funny game, the group is divided into two teams. Each member of a team sits behind the other in a row facing the same direction (i.e. each facing the back of the head of the person in front). A chair with a cloth cover is placed in front of each of the 2 team rows. The group leader throws up a coin, but only in a way that it can be seen by the two rearmost team members. Only one side means "GO". Each team must have previously determined a signal that is as invisible as possible. For example, a handshake is agreed for the GO-side of the coin, which shall be passed on through the line to the front person as soon as possible. The aim of the group game is to tear the cloth faster off the chair than the opponent player at the front. The successful player will score a point.

Materials: coin